Brewing with Klaus

Brewing at home with Klaus Thomsen, Co-founder Coffee Collective and former World Barista Champion.

Impressive brew quality 

I’ve had the pleasure of brewing on the Ratio 6 at home for some weeks and been very impressed with the brew quality. The spray head is the best I’ve seen on any home brewer on the market and rivals the best of any brewer out there, completely saturating all the coffee and ensuring an even water flow through the bed of coffee.


More aroma

In combination with a blooming phase and pulse brewing it yields a really good extraction. Measuring using my VST CoffeeTools refractometer, I’ve been able to push my extractions yields much higher than usual and work with lower ratios that brings out more sweetness, more aroma and a delicate flavour profile.

Klaus Thomsen
Co-founder Coffee Collective, Copenhagen
(2006 World Barista Champion)