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Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale

Felicita Parallel will take your coffee weighing appreciation to the next level. Precision to 0.1 gram, total capacity of 2000g and with an inbuilt timer - you can be sure that your coffee will be perfect every time!

Felicita Parallel can connect to your smart phone or Ipad via Bluetooth, downloading the app will open up a whole load more possibilities and functions.

You can see what speed you're pouring when doing your favourite pour over. Parallel has different modes to make your coffee brewing ritual easier, auto tare, auto start and stop timer, other programmes are easy to set up with the touch display.


  • Total capacity: 2000g
  • Precision: 0,1g
  • Weight: 600g
  • Measurements: 160x 212 x 35mm
  • Charges with the included USB cable
  • Included heat resistant silicon mat and 100g calibrating weight